The world is changing. When a friend asks us for our job, and we tell him that we are a mechanic, the image he has in mind is the man with a wrench in his hand, the tire on his shoulder And oil spots on the face. I like to think that this stereotype is true, but it must be admitted, it is a thousand places of the image of the technicians that we find in our workshops today.


Did you know that a car today can have up to twenty computers on board? We only talk here about gasoline cars, imagine how many controllers an electric car can be equipped with. On the other hand, did you know that a person working on an electric car can die electrocuted? That being said, the next time you shop a new vehicle, notice the emergency brakes that are currently operated by a button and not by a good old lever. Obviously, this demonstrates that the immobilization of the vehicle in an emergency is handled by a computer and no longer by a manual cable. By the way, this technology is great but it comes with a cost. By that I mean that any repairs or changes to such a system can be very costly for road users. What's more, when they have to be replaced, the brake system has to be calibrated with a computer and, of course, it increases the consumer's bill. You can think of back-up cameras, tire monitoring system, air conditioning seats and so on. 

When we think of new technologies added to our vehicles, I ask you a question. Do you think a battery can be as durable as before? How many times a year do we need to replace batteries and the owner of the vehicle tells us not to understand. Yet not so long ago, a battery had an effective life span of ten years. You have a part of your answer above. The batteries discharge much faster than before due to the high energy demand of these new technologies. Then it's the turn of the people who take their vehicle only to go to the grocery store and do the little shopping. Startup, especially during cold weather, is the time when the battery is most in demand. People tell me, yet I left my vehicle twenty minutes to charge my battery. I suggest you have your battery charged at least twice a year, especially before winter. Otherwise a good solution would be to have a smart charger installed on your battery. Just plug it in and the trick is played. This will recharge your battery overnight, avoiding a low battery freezing in cold weather and becoming damaged.


Aside from the regular maintenance of a vehicle, our mechanics, once manly, now work like a surgeon with white gloves and high precision scanners to diagnose your vehicles. They must therefore have a good base in electro mechanics and be on the lookout for new trends. A domain and a changing industry, but still interesting.


If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact a mechanical workshop



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