"I have a lit light, a little exclamation mark" How many times a week this question is asked at the counter. Worked in the field of automotive mechanics for almost 15 years. I notice that motorists lack knowledge about their vehicle. A new system makes it difficult for the road users, the TPMS system, in English the "TIRES PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM" in French the system of monitoring the tires. 

Rendered mandatory in the United States about 10 years ago, this system was put in place to reduce the number of accidents on the road, as motorists did not realize that one of their tires was flat. It senses in real time the tire pressure of the vehicle. If it does not conform to the recommended pressure, it appears in the dashboard as an exclamation mark.

Several panics at the sight of a light in the dash. Watchword, remain calm. First you have to go around the vehicle to do a visual check of your tires. If these seem to have the recommended pressure, go to a mechanical workshop for the calibration of your tire pressure system. The pressure can vary according to the temperature changes. Your recommended pressure is within the door frame on the driver's side, as well as other information such as vehicle weight, serial number, etc. If otherwise, you have a flat tire, do not make the mistake that many make, that is to say roll on the flat to save a few minutes because the tire will quickly rise in temperature and disintegrate inside. You will have to completely change the tire since it will not be repairable. A tire repair can cost about thirty dollars depending on the repair method.

When you replace your winter tires, and these are already on rims, if you do not have a sensor in the wheels, the light will stay on throughout the winter season. If you have sensors in the winter wheels, they will have to be calibrated in your system at each tire change. 

If you have further questions about your vehicle, look for a garage on near you and feel free to e-mail it. 



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