Who are we?

We are a dynamic team of 3 young entrepreneurs. Patrick and Martin Germain, two brothers owning private companies including a service station and a general mechanic garage. Then Jerome St-Pierre, also owner of a company that operates in the field of heavy machinery parts, bachelor in computer engineering.

Why ?

The idea under this website is not the result of luck. Working in the field of automotive services, our goal is to offer the best possible service and to act transparently when our customers have concerns. We are more than aware that our field of activity is not always well perceived. Following some exorbitant price abuses, garage owners are sometimes seen as unethical people trying to take advantage of the consumer. This is why the idea of this site was born. A site that will ensure the customers that the garages follow the requirements of the market which will assure you, the consumers, a certain regularity in prices. The purpose is to ensure that the quoted price received by the end users are respected.

How ?

How will this site prevent you from paying too much? It is simple, after each mechanical maintenance, you can give an opinion on the site and rate the company who served you. Garage owners will therefore benefit from being professional with you and to respect the established bid. The search tool will allow you to see the garages nearby and then you can read the ratings and view their personal page to help you make the right decision when planning your next visit. Finally, the submission tab will allow you to receive up to 4 submissions in 48 hours, which will give you a better idea of ​​the price you will pay for your application. You will then have to make a choice and plan an appointment with the shop you chose.

In other words, this platform will allow you to put the cards on the table. As a consumer, we believe that this site will oblige merchants to adopt good behavior towards customers and will have the effect of giving even more service to users. Being ourselves business owners, we firmly believe that customer satisfaction is a priority!

For any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Always with the aim of giving the best possible service to our users.

Thank you for your cooperation and trust.

Martin Germain
Patrick Germain
Jérôme St-Pierre